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My Experience at Earthaven Ecovillage Part 3

<— Part 1 <— Part 2 Day 5 7:00AM My clean-up partners had to wake me up, I was very comfortable in my sleeping bag that morning. We were supposed to have some yoga after breakfast but the teacher couldn’t be there. I did…

My Experience at Earthaven Ecovillage, North Carolina, Asheville – Part 1

This is where my passion for sustainable and meaningful life began. I was attracted to the idea that some people join together, create a community and live harmoniously with nature and care for each others. People work hand in hand, sharing services and goods….

Next week, I’m traveling in Peru near Machu Picchu!

  I will be flying in Peru, Cuzco November 28, 2017 for a 2 months trip I dreamed for a long time. The beautiful culture and incredible sacred places. The landscape and mountains are breathtaking. Some of the most powerful Sacred plants and medicines…

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