Wild food and medicine

“Every living thing on the planet has a purpose. There is no such thing as an unwanted plant. Most people just don’t know what nature has to offer us. People stand on their lawn complaining they have nothing to eat, when in reality an abundance of healing power is trying to grow right beneath our feet and around our homes and neighborhoods. Live off the free superfoods in your own area. What we call “weeds” are miracles of medicine and health. Foraging local wild foods is becoming a new way of life and true longevity.

dandelion-pesto-3-710x473.jpgFood and medicine shouldn’t cost a lot. Actually it doesn’t have to cost anything if you know where to look. The answer is all around us.
Herbs are not necessarily weaker than pharmaceutical medications. Many of them are stronger and better for you without the unhealthy side effects.

Interestingly enough, many of the main, most beneficial wild plants are hated by farmers because these wild plants are stronger and grow faster the crop plants, thus taking over the fields. The wilds plants are not only hardier and resistant to temperature and condition changes, but they are ironically many times more nutritious than anything the farmer plants. Yet we go through lots of efforts and pay lots of money to grow the weaker, less nutritious plants as a food source, and as a result, we end up being weaker and having more health issues. We like standard fruits and garden plants because they are better tasting. But this doesn’t mean healthier. We need to start appreciating and consuming more resilient survivors that offer themselves for free to us with a much greater benefit and no effort at all to gather them.


Yes many plants in nature are bitter. that is on purpose- not to deter you from eating them, but because we need them, especially for cleaning the liver (our bodies filter biggest organ) and the entire digestive system. Bitter herbs or natural stuff with a bitter taste urges the body to secrete bile and hydrochloric (stomach) acid. They tone the muscles of the digestive tract, improve nutrient absorption  and help the body get rid of waste. They help boost immunity, antibodies and help inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, liver problems, low energy. Take bitter stuff before meals for best effect. WE NEED BITTER. The more you accept this fact, the healthier you will be.”

You can either make salads, juices, blended smoothies, teas, soups, dry them and powder them.

I invite you to read: Free Food and Medicine worldwide edible plant guide. I personally use this book myself as a great reference.


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