My Goal

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“What a great time to be alive! It’s an historic moment in human history, one in which we will soon be forced to deal with the mess we’ve made of things on the planet and either learn how to work together to clean it up or else go the way of other human cultures that went extinct when they didn’t heed their environmental desecration. There is a huge awakening moving through humanity, a recognition of what is at stake, and ways we may all contribute to the “Great Turning“. Indeed, we all have the chance to live very meaningful lives of purpose and contribution. And this starts with learning about where things stand with the big issues we are now facing as humanity, and what we can all do about it…”

My goal is to inspire, promote, share and show people alternatives for a greener world. Plus, a lot of people feel trap, powerless and don’t want to contribute anymore in a destructive society, leaving them unsatisfied about life and end up loosing touch with nature. My blog will give you the opportunity to learn with me while traveling, visit ecovillages and explore alternatives for a better sustainable and spiritual life. I will also share my researches in alimentation, healthy food and vegan food recipes.

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