The biggest Conspiracy ever is VEGANISM

More and more people are searching for truth. We begin to understand that our governments, medias, banks, the 1% and people above are most likely to play with us. We’ve been lied to. Are they spraying us with chemicals? Is the earth and space is really what they say? What CERN is really doing with their collider…?

The biggest one, no one wants to take attention to it, even with incredible evidences, is Veganism. Why we told us as a children that we need meet, dairy and eggs to survive? There are Vegan athletes, bodybuilders, with perfect blood results, looking young happy and healthy. They live long with the lowest rate of cancer. Heart diseases are proven to be reverse with a plant based diet. They are looping those publicities on the “Tell-Lie-Vision” with how eggs, and milk are incredibly good for your health, meanwhile people are making more and more researches on those products proving totally the opposite.

Evolution, monkey to man to pig, 1

We’ve been literally born having no choices anyway. It’s the way it always been. That’s why we don’t even ask ourselves the question. Everyone is doing it anyway. Those things like the evolution of human specie and alimentation “experts” or Doctor. We understand now that Pharma is a big business as much as animal products and go hand in hand. They have the power to manipulate (mis)informations. Just using logic you can come to conclusion that: If you come to kill an animal with your genetic defences, see the raw dead animal and salivate, and if you are able to eat it as is, THEN you may call yourself a carnivore. That’s how it works in nature isn’t it? Oh, or maybe you need to cook it, put a little bit of salt and seasonings? We need to use our own sense and logic, we have to question this topic.



See, we are what we eat. and the world as it is right now is a perfect representation of what’s happening. The way we treat animals with violence, slavery and death.
We are slaves of the system and we act violently and with selfishness toward each others and reach early dead and sickness. See the correlation?
Don’t think about happy animals or free-range, it’s just beautiful confusing words. They all end up at the same place for profit, slaughtered.
Those products makes you asleep and will limit your true potential and goals in life.


Then, why so many Vegans are coming back to eating animal products claiming they have digestive issues? Two major reasons: Food Combining and the growing amount of processed vegan foods. Again, just because you eat vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy. You have to eat right. Vegan Youtubers quitting have their channel has a business. This trendy “Why I’m no longer Vegan” Videos go viral. Don’t get mislead, most of them never even got their blood check.

I’ve been a lot into conspiracy some years ago. Personally I’ve quit because I came to realize that it took too much of my mind, with negative vibes. I came to understand what is absolute. Trust. Trust in your own judgements and values and you’ll find your true perpice in life, your service, the things you love doing that bring something positive to the world. When you trust life and yourself, you get guided by this voice inside your heart which is what I like to call “the cosmic GPS”. And that, you earn it by eating clean, as close to nature as possible. Food is one key to success.

Being Vegan is the best and easiest way to manifest a better world and, the good news is that we all have the power to change this one, and it’s easier and easier in this day in age. Just quit your food addictions and learn about eating clean. Bloody industries will collapse or transforms due to different demand. Land will feed humans instead of feeding animals for humans, which can end famine in the world. The world will do a huge step forward towards truth and beauty in this world.
I highly recommend you watch Garry Yourofsky‘s videos. His speeches powerfully express in details all the issues with meat eating in a well articulated way that can literally question everything.

4 thoughts on “The biggest Conspiracy ever is VEGANISM”

  1. vegan nutrition is unhealthy. how can it be that a true zen master (bios logos, thailand),
    makes uncurable people healty in some weeks with eating meat, 3 times a day?

    and cooked meals. yes, I know that veganism is a criminal plan.
    not raw meals, not one meal a day, 3 meals, with meat.
    maybe raw meat is even better, how knows, but most vegan art not that healthy
    and that strong as that old man, old zen master. how can that be?

    + why let the wolrd criminals, several big vegan youtuber keep continue?
    to make millions of people healthy? LOL . how short-sighted people have became …

    and all the lis about, world criminals are losing their power,
    (& therefore they can not stop the vegans. lol)
    or in isreal are people mostly vegan & they are kind of smart (the smart thing is true).
    (people thing, if jews do it, than it is the right thing. but most people not live in isreal).

    that is all propaganda. mio. people just believe, not know it.


    1. Thanks for commenting. This thread is open for debate.
      So basically you are suggesting, 3 meals a day with meat. Most people are doing it and die of heart diseases, are diabetic and depressed…
      Strength is a thing, health and rejuvenation is another. I don’t know about the healing in meat, but I know about the healing in plants. Heart diseases and diabetes has been proven to be reversible on a plant based diet. On a personal level, it suppressed my ADHD and I feel incredibly better than I used to, especially if i’m mostly focusing on raw fresh plant food and don’t eat too much processed food. Vegans having health problems are mostly those who are eating the processed on excess or didn’t find the way to make it work for them. From my own experiences, It’s been only an amazing path with great benefits. Have you try for yourself? Or you have made your opinion from pseudo studies and personalities? We can’t trust any studies or persona. We can get inspired, then you try for yourself, you’ll get the answer. Mine was : “Great results!”. So why contribute to the exploitation of animals and the destruction of our planet when it’s possible to stop contributing AND be healthier?
      If this was all propaganda, the media and magazines would be pleased to talk and write about Veganism. When they do, they try to diminish the activist and have the public against the movement.


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